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Media Relations

Our firm works with local, regional and national media on a daily basis to effectively communicate client messages. We are unique in our ability to connect with agriculture and outdoor related media. We have successfully pitched stories for publication or broadcast in print, online, radio, and television media outlets. We have used earned media to garner positive press coverage for events and issues important to our clients. Our extensive experience has led to the development of valuable media relationships. These relationships with mainstream media as well as specific media are as beneficial during proactive campaigns as they are during critical and time-sensitive crises.

Issue Management and Legislative Oversight

In addition to identifying client-specific issues, our firm works with you during the legislative process. Monitoring developments in a timely manner can often be the determining factor in the final outcome of a specific priority. Our team is equipped with the tools to track this progress and efficiently identify best steps moving forward.

Political Action Committee Management

The right giving strategy can make or break efforts to be heard in Little Rock and Washington, D.C. We understand the value of aligning issue priorities with legislative intel to best suit and ultimately achieve your desired outcome.

Trade Association Management

Identifying a comprehensive plan to include all the moving pieces of a particular trade association is vital in measuring progress towards goals of the group. From cultivating member relationships to creating a strategic communications plan to recruiting membership to financial oversight, we handle day to day operations that coordinate with big picture objectives.

Stakeholder Mapping and Public Engagement

Volunteer leaders are an inspiration to our firm due to their willingness to sacrifice their time and resources for a cause they believe in. We have significant experience working with boards and associations under the direction of volunteer leaders. While there are many similarities, we also find that each is unique in their needs. Many volunteer leaders are passionate about their role in various organizations, but they must balance the competing needs of their own businesses. Our firm also understands the unique intersection of public relations and public policy. We have a demonstrated ability to connect the marketing and public relations goals of our clients with policy decisions made at the local, state, and federal levels.

Platform Development and Earned Media

A proactive – and not simply reactive – earned media strategy will provide a significant return in both goodwill and capital. We understand that your internal resources are likely focused on daily responses to the latest challenges with little time available for proactive and strategic approaches to the issues of tomorrow. Our team will work as a seamless extension of your team to ensure an earned media strategy that is fully-integrated and complementary to your communications strategy. On your behalf, we will utilize our relationships with national, state, local, and specialized media to help tell your story.

Special Event Coordination and Marketing

We have developed events that strive to take advantage of unique educational and promotional opportunities throughout Arkansas. We have also cultivated sponsorship programs through events that have ultimately lead to numerous net-positive results for our clients.

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